Role Deviation

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AAMA Role Delineation Study
Administrative Administrative Procedures Practice Finances Clinical Fundamental Principles Diagnostic Orders Patient Care

Occupational Analysis of the Medical Assisting Profession

General Professionalism Communication Skills Legal Concepts Instruction Operational Functions

Update on the medical assisting profession
he health care delivery system is dynamic and changing. Medical assistants, who work in ambulatory health care settings and assist physicians in meeting the clinical and administrative demands of the medical office, must adapt with these changes. For this reason, the American Association of Medical Assistants (AAMA) publishes updates to its Role Delineation Study to provide a current analysis of the profession.

Acknowledgments The AAMA Board of Trustees formed an ad hoc committee to analyze the results of the survey. The committee consisted of the chair, two CMA practitioners, one CMA educator, and the chairs of the Certifying Board, Curriculum Review Board, Continuing Education Board and Physician Liaison Board. The AAMA president, vice president and executive director served ex officio. Committee members Kathryn Panagiotacos, CMA, Chair Boni Bruntz, CMA-A Mary Dey, CMA-AC Kristina Frye, CMA Lisa Gibbons, CMA Rebecca Newsome, PhD, CMA, MT(ASCP) Deborah Rossi, MA, CMA Catharine Tabb, MD Ex officio Julianna Drumheller, CMA, 2001–02 President Luella Wetherbee, CMA, CPC, 2001–02 Vice President Donald A. Balasa, JD, MBA, Executive Director


indicated an increasing percentage of respondents (as compared to past surveys) are spending a greater portion of their time performing clinical tasks. Respondents also listed the tasks they think medical assistants will be delegated more frequently during the next five years. The top tasks included assisting in clinical or patient care procedures, patient education, management and supervisory tasks, coding and billing, intravenous procedures, and medical records. The chart illustrates the areas of competence required for an entry-level medical assistant. Potential uses of the chart include the following: ■

Last published in 1996, the update to the Role Delineation Chart is based on a survey conducted by an outside research firm. In April 2002, the survey was sent to a random sampling of 15,268 current CMAs, including AAMA members, nonmembers and former members. A total of 4,004 responses were received. This extraordinary response rate (26%) allowed for a 99% confidence level, with a reliability factor of plus or minus 1.7%. The survey included a real-world component of what medical assistants are actually performing in the workplace and a forwardlooking component of what the respondents thought medical assistants might be doing during the next five years. The survey results

Description of the field of medical assisting for other health care professionals Identification of the entry-level areas of competence for medical assistants Framework for the development of continuing education programs Framework for self-assessment by practitioners


w e b s i t e : w w w. a a m a - n t l . o r g
Copyright 2003 by the American Association of Medical Assistants, Inc. For more information or additional copies, contact the AAMA.


Medical Assistant Role Delineation Chart

■ ■


Perform basic administrative medical assisting functions Perform procedural and diagnostic coding Apply bookkeeping principles Manage accounts receivable ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■

Schedule, coordinate and monitor appointments
■ ■

Apply principles of aseptic technique and infection control Perform diagnostic tests Comply with quality assurance practices Screen and follow up patient test results ■

Collect and process specimens

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