Role Development

Topics: Nursing, Critical thinking, Nurse practitioner Pages: 3 (773 words) Published: April 21, 2013
Role concepts
Anita C. Perkins
Research College of Nursing
Role development in Advanced Nursing
Dr. Jan Andrews
February 04, 2013

Role concepts
This article touched on the role concept of transition that the nurse practitioner experiences when starting out in their new role. The key theme of the article was role transition. Role transition is a change in the direction from one state to another state and functioning in a different manner (Hunter & Lops, 1996). In this article, emergency room department nurses with twenty plus years of experience, established and became the first nurse practitioners in their community teaching hospital. The socialization aspects of the work environment had established positive relationships the nurses and physicians in the emergency department which they were hired to be nurse practitioners. Their positive long term relationships earned them respect, credibility, and showed them as accomplished nurses. The trust they developed with their colleges made their transition into the role of nurse practitioner easier because the nurses and physicians wanted to help the new nurse practitioners to advance their skills. Had they not developed their relationships with their colleagues then their co-workers might have hindered their progress to reach the expert level of nurse practitioner and not taken the time to help them adjust to their new way of practicing nursing. To gain even more support from their nurse colleagues they remained in the roles of mentoring and teaching by including their colleagues in celebrating the relevant clinical findings and interpretations of tests that the nurse practitioners ordered on patients (Shea & Selfridge-Thomas, 1997). This resulted in the nurse practitioners influencing and encouraging other nurses to go back to school and become nurse practitioners. The advanced nurse practitioners found themselves going through an all too familiar stage of their career they were once...

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