Role and Impression management

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How is an old woman expected to behave? Particularly driving? The video shows very clearly how an old woman is unexpectedly parking the car , role in this case highly affected the way a person behave , that is why most people thought that this old lady will behave , most importantly they could predict what she was about to do when she was parking the car , there are some signs of this at the beginning of the commercial , right at the start , the anxiousness on the face of the old man clearly express that he was not feeling safe at all while the old lady was driving , then the scene changes abruptly when she was about to start parking the car and a young man appear instead of her ; context is the main issue here , there is a very clear labeling of this old woman , what most people thought at the first time , was probably that this old lady was about to crash the car. Impression management play a major role redefining the image of Volkswagen , the parking assistant feature influence people´s views about a social implication which is old people cannot park their car properly, the commercial response to the expectations people have about old people driving Impression Management

Impression management is the process which allows creating a positive public opinion of an object, person or event. The company attempts to influence the perceptions of the target audience towards Volkswagen´s public image, the company supports its message with a very explicit daily basis situation which exemplifies the benefits of park assistant. According to Newman(2009), impression management plays a prominent role in the socialization process, it allows Volkswagen to manufacture a self-positive image. Volkswagen is very well know because of its friendly and positive brand image , the scene portrayed in the video by the old adults represents what the brand wants to offer to the public , which is that even old adults can safely park a car in a small space. Since impression...

References: Newman, D. M. (2009). Sociology: Exploring the architecture of everyday life. Thousand Oaks, CA: Pine Forge Press.
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