Rohm and Haas

Topics: Marketing, Brand, Distribution Pages: 2 (691 words) Published: August 21, 2013
Rohm and Haas, a leader in the maintenance biocide market for large capacity reservoirs, found a unique opportunity to meet the needs of small capacity metal reservoirs via Kathon MWX. In spite of being a superior and cost effective product, the sales of Kathon MWX barely touched 6% of its annual plan in the first five months. Part of the issue was a lack of awareness of the product’s ability to resolve rancidity problems and potential cost benefits. The sales of the product were further impacted due to channel conflicts, such as the lack of coordination between the channel partners. This led to customers not receiving product samples from the distributors, who had little incentive to push the product due to lower margins. R&H’s marketing strategy should focus on educating end-users, growing the market, and creating partnerships with Formulators, while continuing to use them as the primary distribution channel. The market underdeveloped due to a lack of knowledge pertaining to the uses, benefits, and substitutes of biocide. The key to growing this market and educating end-users is an R&H-owned direct-to-end-user print marketing campaign including new pamphlets and magazine ads. R&H will no longer rely on distributors to capitalize on customer leads generated from the advertising campaign. The campaign should focus on the monetary and quality benefits of using MWX compared to both using no biocides, and using competitor brands. R&H must not only capture brand loyalty from existing biocide users, but must also develop this loyalty among end-users that previously did not even realize a need. If R&H is successful, Kathon brand awareness will be strengthened. This brand awareness, in turn, will generate demand from the bottom up. End-users create a demand for the industrial supply houses and machine tool shops (SH&TS) to carry MWX specifically. Educated end-users will be able to insist that their industrial supply houses and machine tool shops carry MWX...
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