Rogerian Argument

Topics: Gender, Male, Boy Pages: 2 (738 words) Published: November 16, 2010
Ashley Suter
Rogerian Argument
Male Sports Dominate Female Sports

An issue that I have always been concerned with is how much attention male sports get, while female sports get pushed aside. Males and females put forth the same amount of effort and the same amount of hard work towards the sports they play, and in return males dominate the limelight. Arguments opposing this show that males are obviously better athletes than females. According to Mariah Burton Nelson, controversial activist and author, football, baseball and other manly sports in the United States are not games, but a culture which offer a pre-civil rights world where white men, as owners, coaches and umpires, still rule. In the manly sports, men learn to think about and talk about women in contempt. It is common practice for boys to be belittled as "wusses" or worse if they are not tough or brutal enough or willing to deny their own pain or the pain of others. Any time a male environment is steeped in sexism, those attitudes eventually hurt women, whether verbally or physically. Sports have been defined as male, like physics and math and Congress. Any time women have entered a field previously dominated by men, it threatens men's self-confidence. If women can do it, what does this say about manliness? The argument that Nelson makes here is extremely strong an extremely accurate. Female sports have been distinctly overlooked because male sports are looked at as our past time, and culture, opposed to just a game. This automatically

provides male sports with much more signifigance and power.
Although I disagree with the opposing argument, there are certain facts that allow their point to be validated. Men are ultimately, in a sense, more intimidating and aggressive then women. Because of this, the world of sports looks towards men for a more dramatic approach to sports. Men are going to go all out on the field, make diving plays, use intimidating tactics to overthrow their...
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