Rodriguez's The Desire of Achievement: Essay Analysis

Topics: Learning, Personal life, Psychology Pages: 1 (399 words) Published: January 29, 2013
In the essay The Desire of Achievement, Rodriguez goes through life as a pupil intrigued to the concept of “reading to learn”. He engages in every opportunity that came his way throughout his education, whether it is advice from teachers, looking up to them as role models, or scholarships. Although he had everything going for him, he found himself to be an outcast.

Rodriguez had the life of a scholar mastered; the social aspect of his life was a struggle. He isolated himself from all outside distractions. His parents praised him for his successes, yet didn’t fully understand him as a human being. Rodriguez was embarrassed by his parents’ lack of education, therefore he broke apart from the outside world and focused on his studies in order to pursue a well educated lifestyle. They questioned why he was so invested in his books and education, which led him to second-guess himself. The term “miseducation” that was used in the essay refers to the fact he was not educated in the social norm and practical issues of society today.

After his life of education he came to dealing with “desire of the past”; he regrets that he didn’t incorporate social skills and relationship building into his life along with his passion to achieve. He mentions that he regrets not having a “cultural” experience with his parents throughout his life at home. His education has brought him to just look at the facts on life rather than having a sense of opinion and broader mind-set. His endless years of education had molded him into a much more complex person, incapable of simply living life.

His search for happiness goes way beyond his life in the classroom. He thought that achieving with his studies would help him gain happiness, yet he was too narrow minded to realize that it would take much more than that. He ran from the things that would help him be happy which are family and relationships. He went through life thinking that he would live the opposite lifestyle of his parents- a...
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