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"The Achievement of Desire" is an autobiography about Mr. Richard Rodriguez. In this autobiography the story of the conflicts the “scholarship boy” had with his school life and home life. As he continued his education into a Graduate degree, he starts not thinking too highly of the education his parents have. He started to feel embarrassed by his parents because they didn’t have much education. Rodriguez then started to distance himself from his family and pursued his educational goals. To him his education was more important than his family. Rodriguez does not understand the phrase, “Your parents would be proud." To have accomplished as much as he did of course his parents would be proud but it is no way they see it the same as he do because his education is much more advanced. In the story he describes his siblings as being just as successful as him but without the “anxiety” that he had throughout school. During his childhood they brought trophies home for achievements which made him even more eager to be successful. His siblings still had social lives unlike him. When they had time to be out with their friends, he would be in the house studying. Neither his mom nor dad went to college. His mom graduated high school and got a typing job but lost it due to the lack of English. His father was promised to be able to further his education, but it never happened. When he was in grammar school, “They scorn his desire to succeed. They scorn him for constantly wanting the teacher’s attention and praise. “Kiss Ass,” they call him when his hand swings up in response to every question he hears.”(528). In college, other students sensed that he came a long way from his beginning. They were able tell how much he made change to himself to get where he is. He still dresses like a person that is less fortunate, but how he tries to hide everything about where he comes from disappoints everyone. In the end, he starts to talk about how through all of his academic...

Cited: Ways of Reading “The Achievements of Desire” pages 513-529
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