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When Rodriguez says "you can't use family language in the classroom" (London) he seems to be explaining that it is the family's role to teach the offspring about their culture. On the other hand it is the dominant cultures institution, school in this case, which has to teach about its culture. He seems to think nobody agrees on how assimilation works and so there are assumptions about cultures from other cultures and this causes confusion. When Rodriguez says “they may be fighting in gangs right now, but I bet they are also learning each other’s language”(London), I think this explains how he feels about assimilation. He feels that assimilation naturally occurs when different cultures come face to face or are submerged within each other. The quote says they are fighting; in war, one has to know the enemy well enough to counteract an attack. He seems to think school is trying to force this natural occurrence.
I am on the fence with his view on assimilation. I feel his case might have been sort of an exception, because although it is easier for children to learn a second language when they are younger, I have to believe that children who speak a different language than the one at school might have less self esteem than a child who fully understands what the teachers and fellow students are saying.
In London’s interview, Rodriguez’s answers seem to come from a disgruntled person. He seems to be acting as if he is fed up with this subject. I might have speculated a tone that is not there and although he sounds firm in his beliefs, he sounds like it might be bothersome to be interviewed about it. Reference:
London, Scott. "A View From the Melting Pot: An Interview with Richard Rodriguez." Scott London. Scott London. Web. 27 Sep 2013. .

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