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Rob Vanstone, is a lifelong Reginan and a football follower , he was selected as an Assistant Sports Editor in 1995 and was named as a sports writer one year later. He is now the Leader Post's Sports Editor and daily columnist . Vanstone has spent most of his time in the Leader Post writing about the Saskatchewan Rougriders. Rob is one of the top sports editor in Saskatchewan.

Rob Vanstone's goal was to be a sports writer in Regina. He studied at Campbell Collegiate in his High school years. He was a good student in English class, so the teachers inspired him to be a journalist. After college he tried to apply to journalists. He was waiting list for two months, after that he was called for an interview. Rob got selected as a journalist, later for his job, he joined The Leader Post. He worked at Leader Post for 26 years, there were numerous weird times at his work. He took interviews and edit the report in his weekends, he works up to three-five in the morning, because he liked to work at the time in the morning.

Rob Vanstone always re-checks before printing the newspapers and the reports. He always tries to make the report interesting for the reader. Rob is very anxious to read and write anything. To make a better report first he makes a draft and then he revises it for an hour. He tries to get to the heart of the story for a better report. One of Rob's best reports was about a young NFL football player, Jon Ryan. In Rob's reports was during training camp in 2006, Jon Ryan found out his father, Bob was diagnosed with terminal cancer and he preserved through tough reasons, which included punting in a game two days after his father's death. His terminates voted him as the recipient of the Education Block Courage Award in 2006 for his display of courage and sportsmanship.

Rob Vanstone took several interviews with the Roughriders. He has written two books about the Roughriders Grey Cup ( winning teams ) West Riders Best ( about...
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