Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory Inc

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1. Introduction
The establishment of Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory Ico. (RMCF), was in 1982 as a public offering business. It had a global focus and was able to insert itself within the Canadian society and the United Arab Emirates community. Its main activity is within the confectionery industry. The Board of Directors (BoD) has kept its vision and contributed to the success of the business and has carried it to higher levels of efficiency. The innovative capacity of its personnel has given new stands to the business. Its master who design and develops the chocolate mix has been able to continue its fascinating creativity. As the discussion is taken we shall understand the success and also the needs of RMCF. a. Statement problem

The Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory Inc. to address in its continued expansionary growth needs to attend the following as its problem: “impact primary franchisees within continental USA and rest of the world, imminent product patenting, employees’ union agreement and increasing one impact product every year to increase customers’ satisfaction”. 2. Analysis

As the case study for RMCF is analyzed; a business engrossed in the confectionery industry, where from year to year there are new entrants to challenge market share and embed in an industry which is proving vibrant and demanding. Based on such facts lets analyze it through a SWOT study. First let’s analyze two factors (Strengths and Weaknesses): Strengths:

1. “The candy maker’s chocolate beat out See’s Candies, Perugina, Teuscher, Godiva, and Fanny May for the richest chocolate, with intense natural flavor.” 2. Governed through its functional by-laws, key to company internal operations, 3. Capacity to produce 5.3M pounds of chocolate per year,

4. Experts and experienced management team – gives competitive strengths, 5. Approval of selected franchisees site - approved by senior management, 6. Produced over 300 products,
7. In offering unique proprietary products, company’s philosophy was embedded, and 8. RMCF had a functional fleet of 12 truck for distribution of products and collection of products and raw materials Strengths: the internal capacity of RMCF, through its ability to have secured over 320 established franchisees within 30 years, proves strong internal management capacity. Its dedication to its governing by-laws, is a strong showcase of decisive actions; they are the strength of its activities and the guiding standards, procedures and principles of the business. In this case Frazer states: “A key feature of franchising is the Operations Manual which outlines the day-to-day operations of running a franchise unit” ( RMCF, submits all its administrative processes and governing bodies, structures and franchisees in this participative embedding of attitude and business face. The company’s strength, dependability and consistency engrains a way forward in capable trades, utilizing the company’s philosophy to boost its quality of end products which networks uniformity and capacity. As it engrains all of these strengths it has the ability to increment its local production to 5.3M pounds of chocolate per year. The assurance why this will be achieved and continued to strengthen the company is based on the ability of its candy maker to introduce flavor and mixt to the end products. This is a window which strengths its volume to expand in franchise numbers. It also provides a main focuses in reduction of costs with its fleet of trucks. Weaknesses:

1. The policy and procedures of the company stated that directors could be elected by cumulative votes,

2. Sundays a traditional family day stores only opened from 12 to 6 pm,

3. Stated in the contractual agreement Franchisee could purchase products from approved third-party,

4. Company’s recipes and products developed by Master Candy Maker not patented,

5. Reliability on trust and confidentiality for product recipes,

6. Franchisees...

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