Rocky Balboa Stylistics

Topics: Sylvester Stallone, Language, Family Pages: 10 (3021 words) Published: February 11, 2015
Seminar paper in English Stylistics

An analysis of movie scene from the last episode of movie series “Rocky”

1 Introduction
This seminar paper deals with one of the most famous and memorable movie scenes of the movie called “Rocky Balboa” which is the sixth and the last episode of movie series known as “Rocky”. “Rocky” is a boxing saga and all the movies are starring and are actually written by Sylvester Stallone. This movie was released in 2006. The scene in short video presents conversation between two characters named Rocky and Robert Jr., who are in the relationship of father and son. Transcript of the movie scene will be used for this analysis as well. The aim of this paper is to analyze the chosen scene with the focus on different linguistic segments which are interrelated. This analysis will be based on knowledge acquired from the Stylistic course.

2 Data and Method
For this seminar paper I chose this particular movie scene because of the message that is conveyed through this scene and because I believed it would be very linguistically interesting for such analysis. Part of the whole conversation which is depicted in the scene presents highly motivational and inspirational speech of the movie protagonist. “Rocky Balboa” is the sixth highest grossing movie about boxing and it was also rated as the most successful starring role of Sylvester Stallone since 1993. I personally believe that this scene contributes to the overall success of the movie and that the words of this scene are known not only by the all Rocky fans but as well by the people who haven’t even seen the movie. At first I intended to analyze this motivational speech by itself without anything that would precede or follow after it. However, to make my analysis linguistically more interesting I decided to analyze the whole conversation which this speech is a part of. To be able to analyze not only the audiovisual characteristics of this sample I included and decided to use transcript of the conversation which serves more or less only as fulcrum for the analysis of the chosen conversation. Since text of the transcript which can be found in actual movie script slightly differs from the audio discourse of the scene, I modified the transcript text so it corresponds with words spoken in the scene.

3 Analysis
As already mentioned, I will analyze the audiovisual sample leaning on corresponding transcript of chosen movie scene. I will focus on register, grammar, morphology and syntax of the discourse. This analysis will look closely at the vocabulary and lexis present and it will try to reveal general discourse characteristics of chosen sample. Significant attention is paid also to paralanguage.

3.1 Register
Register as segment that will be analyzed is divided into three subcategories: mode, field and tenor.
Audiovisual sample can be considered to be the only primary source essential for this analysis since there is no original transcript that exactly corresponds with the video. Transcript has been modified by me. The transcript may serve as source for citation if needed. This conversation presented in video was also intended to be seen and heard rather than read from movie script and therefore we may say that the mode of this sample is spoken.

Field constitutes the second subcategory of register. The scene depicts the father and the son talking about family matters and social life. However, this conversation is depicted as raising all of the sudden and is unprepared, without any specific topic, thus we classify it as being of casual field.

Field is closely connected to tenor. The more specialized or technical field of particular discourse is the more it is probable that tenor of that particular discourse is formal. It works also the other way around. Lower degree of formality is most of the time characteristic of casual field. It is the same in this case as well. The conversation between father and son is informal as it is...
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