Topics: Biotic component, Abiotic component, Biology Pages: 1 (361 words) Published: June 3, 2011
This report is relevant so that we can understand the abiotic and biotic factors of an environment and how it can affect the organisms’ habitats. Hence, we can determine the indicator species for the zonation. To determine a more accurate result for this investigation, many aspects could be improved to obtain that. In comparison to Stephenson’s study, many organisms were not seen. In order to ensure a more accurate data, the analysis could be taken out for a longer period, not just a few hours as the changes in tides could affect the different organisms. As well as the time period, the equipment and supplies could be more sufficient. Having a sufficient amount of equipment and supplies ensures a faster process in retrieving data as you don’t need to wait for other groups to finish using it. In addition, more trials could have been done before ensuring the real data to make it more accurate by finding the average.

In conclusion, many findings were similar to Stephenson’s study. In the supra-littoral zone, it was discovered that it had the highest temperature as well as highest level of salinity with the minute dark periwinkle as the indicator species. However, Stephenson’s study showed that that nodular periwinkle was the indicated species. The indicated species for the upper-littoral zone were the blue-grey periwinkles, for the mid-littoral zone were the 6-plated acorn barnacles and for the lower-littoral zone, 4-plated rosy barnacles which were all identified in Stephenson’s study. However, the indicator species found in the sub-littoral zone were the common limpets and not the sea anemone according to Stephenson’s study. The rocky shore was not really healthy due to the fact that not many organisms were found in comparison to Stephenson’s study. This may have been the cause of many abiotic factors such as an increase of global warming and climate change where wave action consistently applied against the zones, causing it to shift closer to the cliff face....
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