Rock, Roll, and the Power of Rebellion

Topics: Causality, Adolescence, Generation Pages: 1 (399 words) Published: March 8, 2010
Rock, Roll, and the Power of Rebellion
Rock and Roll is definitely a youthful demonstration of anti-establishment attitudes. Rebellion is one of the most important parts of one’s teenage years. After all, as kids we all spend all of our time trying to impress or make proud our parents. As teenagers we need to spend time doing the opposite or else we’ll end up repressing our true selves our whole lives. Although some just do it to fit in and others end up acting like their parents when they become adults, it’s still necessary. If we always live in our parents’ shadows, how are we supposed to learn who we really are? Clothes are also an important sign of rebellion. They show that, even in the most superficial way, we’re different than our parents. Music is the more substance-based rebellion. The music you listen to tells someone a lot about you: about the amount of anger you have, about how contemplative you are, whether you use it to make yourself feel happy or sad.... All of these traits of music are what cause generations to fight with each other over it. One generation doesn’t like what the other’s music is telling them. Rock speaks of a lot of different things: happiness and partying, depression and angst, and anger. There are some very angry rock sub-groups. The people who listen to different genres don’t always act the way their music would suggest, causing some confusion from others. Of course, the real generational problems around music are caused when people act exactly as their music would suggest. The other generation doesn’t always understand that the reason that they listen to the music is that it resonates with them and expresses what they’re already feeling, not that it brainwashes them into feeling that way. I am, of course, not speaking of posers. They just do what others do and dress the way others do. In cases like that, there’s no real rebellion. It’s just a case of choosing to conform to the alpha group. In conclusion, rock and roll...
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