Rock Music and Outstanding Rock Bands

Topics: Rock music, The Band, Audience Pages: 2 (642 words) Published: June 22, 2013
One Passionate Night with Outstanding Rock Bands

Have you ever experienced an overload of every sense at once? Well, I had when I went to see 2013 RODFEST of June 5. It was truly a sensory overloading festival and nearly drove me crazy. My body shook as if they stood on the middle of the big earthquake because of the monstrous excitement that held me. Also, the quality of sound was so extremely magnificent that I could feel every step of guitarists’ fingering with superb performances. And every time drummer hit the drum, my heartbeat followed that rhythm. So, I was afraid that if my heart jumped out of my chest. It even made my teeth chatter. The whole space seemed to be jammed of thrilling atmosphere and moved with the beat of each song. The passion of people was enormous. They frantically rocked and danced to the rhythm of the rock song, so I had to actually become one with the people around me. The crowd didn’t allow any personal space. We were all closely packed in there like Haeundae Beach during the peak of summer. The first artist of the concert is ‘Basco’. He is an indie rapper in Korea. At first, I didn’t know about him much so my reaction was passive. But, as the song began, I was captured by his unique music style and fantastic lyrics. Then, my reaction turned to be enthusiastic. Especially, I was fall in love with the song, ‘Hero’. This song was absolutely a masterpiece. All the strong beats, powerful rapping, and supremely confident lyrics… everything was perfect. After the performances over, I couldn’t utter a word, even a sigh, because I overwhelmed by the magnificence of Basco’s music style..

Then, band ‘Teardrop’ came upon the second stage. As soon as stepped onto stage, they played their song, ‘Die To Live’ Right away without any comment. So I was embarrassed at first, but soon I was easily immersed in their ardent performances. I was so excited that I ran, jumped high, and rocked my body harshly. It was literally made me almost dead...
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