Rock and Hip Hop the most Loved Forms of Music

Topics: Hip hop music, Rock music Pages: 2 (581 words) Published: June 21, 2012
Rock verses Hip Hop

Rock and Hip Hop are two of the most loved forms of music today. Unfortunately many lovers of Rock despise Hip Hop and vise versa. Personally, I love both and believe that both genres are great in thier own ways. I am going to compare and contrast Rock music and Hip Hop music in the categories of lyrics, beats, and sound. First I will discuss lyrics; lyrics are the words in the song. Artists in both genres use lyrics that many people find offensive. This is more typically found in Hip Hop artists. The artists degrade women, talk about drug abuse, theft, gun usage, and many others. Rock is also guilty for doing this but it is not as common as in the Hip Hop community. The lyrics of many rock groups are somewhat rebellious and often a downer. Rock music talks about becoming fed up with life because someone you know hates you. Some Hip Hop and Rock; however, can be funny but with Hip Hop funny, is also vulgar. In this case many people would choose Rock due to less widespread vulgarity. Now I will compare beats; beats are the tune to the song. In Hip Hop beats are combination of sounds from any number of instruments are added one at a time and each one varies in volume. In Rock, beats are created mostly by band members in a group normally consisting of a guitarist, a bass player, and a drummer; the lead singer may also play guitar. The band members come up with the beats to play. In both genres the artists may sample or borrow a part of another artist. A sample is usually small such as a drum solo, but some can be entire songs save the lyrics. Sampling is very common in Hip Hop. Artists constantly sample a song that is years old. Many Hip Hop songs on the radio sample old songs popular from the sixties to the nineties. Rock tends to be more original in its beats; this makes the songs more unique than Hip Hop’s. Sound is one of the, if not the most, important aspect of music. If people don’t like the finished product they will most likely...
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