Robyn Warhol Rhetorical Analysis
Topics: Academic publishing, Tenure, Publishing, Writing, Professor / Pages: 5 (1080 words) / Published: Apr 21st, 2017

For my final project, I interviewed Professor Robyn Warhol in effort to gain an understanding of how academic publishing works from the perspective of the academic. The interview was divided into different sections based on the topic of conversation. The first topic of conversation was on the logistical process of academic publishing. Professor Warhol recounts her experience of being approached by both Cornell and Rutgers University, which she credits to her experience with the Mellon Faculty Fellowship at Harvard University. Ultimately Warhol published with Rutgers University because of their expressed interest in feminist narratology, the combination of which Warhol specializes and is one of the first scholars to bring these movements together …show more content…
In fact, the majority of books that I’ve published have taken just about ten years to produce and revise. An article takes about two months— when you have the time that is— writing about four pages a day.” Warhol’s approach to creating and revising her composition begins by creating an idea draft, then proceeding to create the outline that she uses to construct her first draft— believing in the philosophy of “revising as you go.” As Warhol revises her work, she begins to share her article with others to get her first round of feedback. After the first round of feedback, Warhol goes through another round of revision on the entire manuscript, combing through every sentence as she works. After the second round of revisions are complete, Warhol sends her manuscript to the editor to undergo a round of peer review. Once she has received the notes from the peer review, Warhol performs her final round of revision before she submits her work to be …show more content…
Warhol and Michie researched, wrote, and revised their novel over the span of 15 years, which Warhol describes that she never wanted the experience to end. The duo met every two weeks to give each other feedback and revise their work together, which Warhol says that every time they met to discuss the book the goal was to make each other laugh. Love Among the Archives: Writing the Lives of George Scharf, Victorian Bachelor was well received by Warhol’s peers and won the North American Victorian Studies Association’s (NAVSA) Best Book of the Year for 2015. Recently, Warhol has been focusing on teaching and is the current Chair of the English

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