Robots vs. Humans

Topics: Minimum wage, Driverless car, Wage Pages: 3 (643 words) Published: December 4, 2013
Robots are increasingly becoming a part of our daily life. Whether it is within our phones with Siri, in our cars with GPS navigation and voice command, or in our homes with home automation systems, we are all using some form of artificial intelligence. Today we see iPads replacing waiters in restaurants to take orders, robots in factories assembling cars, and even robots filling our Amazon orders in warehouses. Although some believe that humans are impossible to replace, the change is slowly taking place. I believe that within less than 10 years, robots will have acquired a vast majority of the jobs worked today, and will expand to other frontiers. !


Robots will be utilized in many applications. They not only replace the actions of the

humans, but also increase the speed and development of the products humans are producing. Not only are they cheaper than paying humans an hourly wage, but they also don’t have any other costs besides power, and occasional maintenance. When comparing the speed of the two, robots are also faster, and more reliable. For example, on any given day, a worker may be unable to come to work because of a family problem, however with robots, there will be no need to worry about whether someone will show up at work or not. In stores such as Costco, we already use forklifts to grab stuff from high shelves, soon those forklifts will not require a human effort to drive them. Lastly with robots, there is no need to give extra benefits, snacks, food, or

water. The only need for maintaining these robots would be to power them up every night, and regular check up, and maintenance. !

In only a couple years many of these changes will start to take effect. Google has

already been testing driverless cars for the blind, and soon for everyone. Many automakers are expecting to have a driverless car options available starting in 2020. Another factor that plays a role in when robots will come in to society, is based on minimum wages. In...
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