Topics: Therapy, Medicine, Psychology Pages: 1 (316 words) Published: February 28, 2013
No matter how similar the robot started to look, and even act like humans, they do not exactly mimic the human. The actual face-to-face contact between people is important for people of all ages and if it is interrupted by the robot would not be pretty. In the article "Robots that Care" by Jerome Groopman, he discusses how scientists have started to create robots for medical therapy, and how it is currently trying to replace Therapist. However, the robot is not a good medical therapy for the future because, despite how close they are, they do not have the same face-to-face interaction and communication with other people do, Also it is very easy to become attached to. The simultaneous conceptual aim to have more people like robots are constantly getting closer to reality. People like robots are beginning to be used for medical purposes, as the article shows. This article explains the robot is trying to use to help stroke, Alzheimer's patients and autistic. For all medical conditions, it is a long road to recovery if it is for physical or cognitive reasons, or even both. The biggest concern with the robot if something goes wrong with the electronics, or if the patient does not get too connected to their robot, or robot takes the place of a therapist. In the article, Professor Turkle states, "robots risk distorting the meaning of the relationship, the bond of love, and the kind of emotional accommodation required to develop real human attachment." Because some of the modern robot that people like, people begin to attached to it like a man. From Turkle point of view, this is going too far with the robot. Turkle also declares that "the simplicity of the robot is not the point. Irony is that you can get more with less attachment, so the simpler robots may pose more risk."
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