Robotics in the Dairy Industry

Topics: Milk, Dairy farming, Cattle Pages: 3 (980 words) Published: April 11, 2013
Cody Brouillard
English 1060
Robotics in the Dairy Industry

Robotic milk machines are a new product in dairy farming today. Robotic milk machines are a good example of new and efficient technology in the dairy industry. Farmers around the world are debating whether or not to install this expensive new technology. It is a state of the art machine that can handle a herd of 50-60 cows (depending on the amount of production per cow). The robot is a complicated machine, but it has simple concepts that are quick and easy for both cows and farmers to learn.

The procedure of adjusting a dairy herd to a robot is said to be quick and easy. It usually takes two-three weeks for cows to adjust. Cows require a schedule that is followed precisely every day. They need a set time of milking, eating, and sleeping. It is a simple process to change the cow’s routine, but requires attention to detail and patience. The best way to start is by coaxing the cows into the robot with grain. If cows know that they will be rewarded with grain when entering the robot they will be more likely to use it. The next step is to keep the cow calm and comfortable when the robot is milking her. If the cow is stressed her first time in the machine, she will associate the machine with danger and not want to use it again. It is important not to stress the cows while entering the machine.

The robot works with a complex laser system and huge database where it stores its information. When a cow is being milked for the first time in the machine a human has to digitally map out the cows udder into the machines database. Once this is done the first time the robot remembers every detail of every given cows udder. The cows are all marked with collars with computer chips with the information that the robot needs to remember each cow. When the cow enters the robot the computer chip sends the information the robot needs to start the milking procedure for that cow.

The procedure of milking...
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