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Extended Responses
You are to write extended responses for each of the topics below. You are to then upload your answers on Moodle. Approximate words are indicated after each topic (you can type your responses in this document, save it and then upload). Topic 1What is a robot?(100-150 words)

In class, you spent a lot of time with the robot. What is a robot? What makes it a robot and not just any old machine? Is your robot a good example? Explain and give examples. A robot is a machine designed to execute one or more tasks repeatedly commanded by programming, with speed and precision. There are as many different types of robots as there are tasks for them to perform, for example a vacuum vacuums automatically until the place is clean or turned off. My robot is a good example as it follows commands that we gave it via computer. A machine is just a device either you must guide it yourself or it do only one function, and has no intelligence at all, for example a car, you must press accelerate to move forward and press brake to stop. Topic 2How are Science, Technology, Engineering and Math related? (150-200 words) The activities you participated in used elements from many different disciplines together to accomplish specific goals. Give one example of (choose one):

• A science concept or technique used to accomplish a goal • A mathematics concept or technique used to accomplish a goal (Angles) • A technological concept, technique, or artifact used to accomplish a goal Explain how the concept, technique, or artifact helped to accomplish the common goal. Finally, summarize in your own words how science, technology, and mathematics work together in order to accomplish real-world objectives. The use the mathematic technique ‘angle’ allowed me to adjust how far the robot goes and how much it turns. Science helps us keep our food sustainable and protected from pests. It allows for the mass production of items such as clothing, electronics, and food. Our water can be...
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