Robot and Speed Limit

Topics: Robots, Robot, Miles per hour Pages: 2 (575 words) Published: January 8, 2015
Assignment 1
Question 1
The cash drawer at the local market has room for $20 bills, $10 bills, $5 bills, $1 bills, quarters ($0.25), dimes ($0.10), nickels ($0.05), and pennies ($0.01). Create a worksheet that allows a person to enter in how many of each type of bills and coins are in the cash drawer and calculates the total value of the money in the drawer. So for example, if the drawer contains two $5 bills and three quarters, there would be $10.75 in the drawer.

Question 2
At   Louis’s   Discount   Furniture Store, Louis, the owner, marks furniture at twice his wholesale  cost  plus  $80.  If  you  bargain  with  him,  he’ll  drop  the  price  as  much  as  15%.   Create a worksheet that allows you to enter the wholesale cost and calculates the list price and the best discount price. Try your worksheet with a sofa that wholesales for $550 and then for a table that wholesales for $200.

Question 3
Internet Shopping, Inc. has ambitious plans. This week they have 100,000 visitors to their website. Of their visitors, 2% place orders. These orders average $24.00 each. Thus they are taking orders for $48,000 this week (week 0).

For the next two years they plan to increase the visitors by 3% per week. They expect the percent who place orders to stay the same. They expect the average amount order to increase by $0.15 per week.

Create a worksheet to predict their growth over the next two years. You should have a separate input area with the two growth figures. You should have a row for each week. You should have columns for the week number (0 to 104), the number of visitors, number of shoppers, average amount ordered, and total ordered for each week. Changing either of the numbers in the input area should be reflected in changes in your worksheet.

Question 4
At the country courthouse speeders pay a fine of $50 plus $5 for every mph above the speed limit. Anyone caught driving 90 mph or over pays an extra $200. Create a worksheet   that   will   allow  ...
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