Topics: Space exploration, Human, NASA Pages: 3 (720 words) Published: September 22, 2013
1) Going to far away planets
2) Spying on people in ways people can't move and from views humans can't reach 3) Going far down into the unknown waters where humans would be crushed 4) Giving us information that humans can't get

5) Working at places 24/7 without any salary and food. Plus they don't get bored 6) They can perform tasks faster than humans and much more consistently and accurately 7) They can capture moments just too fast for the human eye to get, for example the Atlas detector in the LHC project can capture ~ 600000 frames per second while we can see at about 60 8) Most of them are automatic so they can go around by themselves without any human interference 9) They can entertain us and help us in certain tasks

1) People can lose jobs in factories
2) It needs a supply of power
3) It needs maintenance to keep it running
4) It costs money to make or buy a robot
 Robotics and automations can increase safety, reliability, production amount, profit, quality and quantity of products in a lot of cases. They can do jobs in dangerous situations and save lives of thousands of people. They do not care about the comfort of their environment. Human needs such as hunger or depression have no meanings for them. They do not get tired. Productivity

Robots produce more accurate and high quality work
Robots rarely make mistakes and are more precise than human workers They can produce a greater quantity in a short amount of time They can work at a constant speed with no breaks, days off, or holiday time They can perform applications with more repeatability than humans Safety

Robots save workers from performing dangerous tasks
They can work in hazardous conditions, such as poor lighting, toxic chemicals, or tight spaces They are capable of lifting heavy loads without injury or tiring Robots increase worker safety by preventing accidents since humans are not performing risky jobs Savings

Robots save time by being able to produce a...
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