Robin Hood - Strategic Case

Topics: Sheriff, Robin Hood, Constable Pages: 4 (508 words) Published: December 11, 2010
Strategic Case

The Situation

  Who? Robin Hood and his managers   Their motto : « Rob the rich and give to the poor »   When ? 2nd year of his insurrection   Where ? Sherwood forest. He began to build his army   What ? Conflict : Robin Hood’s band vs. Sherrif => Objective : To put an end to Sherrif’s power


ROBIN HOOD : Ruled in supreme
 He takes important decisions

Tom BOWER Intelligence & scouting

Little John Discipline & archery control

Sean Flint Finance & loot management.

Sam BAKER Responsible of sourcing

Main Problems

 A growing army BUT increasing problems
Problems related to the growth of the army -  Loss of concentration and vigilence in decline -  Lack of discipline -  Exceeding the food capacity -  Major encampment -  Loss of control over his troops Environemental Issues -  2nd year of fight -  The Sheriff is more powerful & organised -  Travelers find other alternatives to escape Robin Hood -  Exhaustion of food resources -  Financial resources in decline

Porter’s five forces

Substitutes: Anyone

3 kind of suppliers: Rich people ,food suppliers& people

Sheriff & Prince Jon High threat

Buyers: Low threat

New entrants: Barons who

Strength – Weaknesses – Opportunities - Threats


  Group cohesion :
  Common values   High motivation

  Good Hierarchy :
  A chief, Robin Hood, manage and delegate   A treasurer, Sean Flint, in charge of the payment : no conflict   A steward, Sam Baker, responsible of provisioning the band   A kind of micro-army, leaded by Little John, to guard the camp   A « CIA » service, developed by Tom Bower

  High skill level of the band, expertise in the archery   The fame of the Merrymen increase strongly :   Increasing of the band size   Becoming a serious resistant-band   Raise of the strike force


 The band’s organization :
  Lack of coordination in...
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