Robin Hood Case Stud1

Topics: Robin Hood, Merry Men, Friar Tuck Pages: 3 (307 words) Published: December 4, 2014
Robin Hood Case Study
By Tyler Baxter

1.) What problems and issues have to be addressed by Robin Hood? Sheriff is getting stronger - more men and money
Band is running out of money, food, and supplies
Food is scarce
How to end the conflict before the Sheriff regains control

2.) What strategic options does Robin Hood have? (SWOT Analysis) Strengths
Robbin is a strong leader
Lots of followers
Good band location
Support of the poor
Information easily accessed
Good archers
New members of the band with no skills
More members than Robbin hood knows
Few resources
Association with the Barons
Bands popularity
Training and accept more band members
The increase in military for the Sherriff
Revenge by Prince John
Sherriff has political connections
Hard negotiations

3.) After many long nights of evaluating the Barons offer, Robin Hood decided to join the Baron’s to secure King Richards release and disband the merry men. What action steps should Robin Hood take?

Be careful with the operation
Inform the merry men
Avoid further conflict with the Sheriff to lessen the Sheriff trying to secure reinforcements Stop the merry men operations
Focus on his time with the Barons

4.) Why not try to end the campaign by killing the Sheriff? Killing the Sheriff would be too difficult to accomplish on his own. He doesn't have the resources to do it either. So if he kills the Sheriff, he still has Prince John to worry about. In addition to that, the courts would be stacked against him as the Sheriff had appointed his cronies as judges throughout the shire. So in the long run if he killed the Sherriff it would just set him and his operations back. It would also fuel the prince with anger and possibly making him more than double his current efforts to stop the merry men.
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