Robin Hood Case

Topics: Robin Hood, John of England, Richard I of England Pages: 1 (348 words) Published: March 7, 2006
Robin Hood – Issue Brief
Case Decision:
With numbers of the Merrymen at peak levels, Robin Hood should lead his band of vigilantes on a raid to overthrow Prince John, thus, allowing for the return of King Richard the Lionheart. Without Prince John's support and resources, the Sheriff of Nottingham would wield little authoritative power. Support:

•In order to exterminate a problem, you must attack its root •The Merrymen have strength in numbers
•Sherwood Forest's resources have been depleted by large amounts of recruits Additional Comments:
In order to be successful, Robin Hood and his Merrymen must have a common goal; more importantly, they must have an agenda or strategy for achieving that goal. In this instance, time is of the essence. As the Sheriff of Nottingham and his men learn more about the Merrymen, they are dangerously close to thwarting the bands efforts. Sherwood Forest's resources have been depleted by the large amounts of recruits that inhabit the area, and this has seriously drained the band's financial reserves, however, this does give the Foresters strength in numbers. The case seems unclear about where the Merrymen see themselves over the next few years, but one thing is clear, if they wish to survive, they will have to take immediate action. If the band is successful overthrowing Prince John, they will have to work in close conjunction with King Richard to shape a society which functions equally for members of all socio-economic classes (assuming this is their goal). Conclusion:

The central issue faced by Robin Hood and his Merrymen is how to win their fight against the Sheriff of Nottingham. Robin Hood and his band should organize an attack on Prince John in order to eliminate the Sheriffs authority over Nottingham and its occupants. The raid should be executed in a timely fashion due to the increase in the Sheriffs resources and the decreasing availability of supplies for the Merrymen. If successful, the Merrymen will have...
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