Robin Hood Case

Topics: John of England, Merry Men, Bob Dylan Pages: 7 (2276 words) Published: October 25, 2010
Executive Summary
Robin’s mission is to successfully revolt against the Sheriff and his administration. This mission created the following issues: Robin Hood’s band size exceeds the food capacity of the forest, the Sheriff and his administration are rivals of Robin Hood, and King Richard needs to be restored to the throne. In order to rid of these problems, it is necessary that Robin Hood successfully takes over the Sheriff and his administration and to restore King Richard to the throne while maintaining popularity amongst his band and restoring his future amnesty. In order to do this, we will need to collect money from the barons through negotiation by guaranteeing them their future amnesty. This money, if properly allocated, will restore King Richard to his throne, increase the food supply of the forest and leave Robin and his Merrymen with a promised, likeable future. By choosing this action, he is able to elimiate all of the problems—the Sheriff, the food shortage, and King Richard. Problem Statement

The problems are that Robin has created a band of Merrymen in order to revolt against the Sheriff and his administration to get rid of his differences with the Sheriff. However, the band became too large which made them exceed the food capacity of the forest. Also, Robin’s amnesty was at stake and in order to guarantee a return of this, he had to restore King Richard back to the throne. Data Analysis

Robin Hood has been trying to revolt against the Sheriff and his administration in order to take him over. Robin could not do this alone, so he created a band. Eventually, the band size exceeded the food capacity of the forest. This created more issues because he was his lieutenants resisted his idea of changing his policy of outright confiscation of goods to one of a fixed transit tax. While this issue continued to grow, so did the Sheriff’s administration, the amount of money available, and his organization of all this. This created many threats such as: the threat of Prince John preventing Robin Hood from carrying out his plans because he had spies and legal power above that of Robin Hood, Prince John’s power exceeded that of Robin Hood’s economically, and the shortage of supplies was a threat too. However, this created opportunities such as: Robin Hood easily gaining strength when people become willing to help him get King Richard released. Also, Robin Hood had many people willing to side with him and join his band, therefore creating strength in numbers. The area in which this issue took place is maintained in the forest; therefore, it could be easily contained to that particular demographic area. Key Decision Criteria

In order to accommodate for the increase in Robin Hood’s band size of Merrymen, it is necessary for Robin Hood to create a new strategy. To implement this new strategy, the band of Merrymen will need to improve their profitability by generating money together as a way of contributing to the ransom for King Richard. This will allow for Robin Hood to stay ahead of his competition (the Sheriff) while maintaining his strength in numbers. By allocating the money from his large band, Robin Hood is creating an effective way of generating money to accommodate for the scarcity of their supplies and food that their large capacity has created. It also aids in releasing King Richard from jail and assuring Robin’s and his band members’ future amnesty. This new strategy will allow Robin and his employees to maintain their morale and corporate image because they are eliminating their problems in a legal way that leaves employees and customers satisfied. This strategy creates unity amongst the Merrymen that will allow them to end the conflict with the Sheriff and his administration in a way that is morally acceptable. Everyone else in the forest will be satisfied because their items will not need to be taxed. Also, since this strategy does not involve killing the...
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