Robin Hood Case

Topics: Merry Men, Robin Hood, Nottingham Pages: 4 (1047 words) Published: March 30, 2008
Robin Hood Case

1.What problems/issues does Robin Hood need to address? Indicate THE PROBLEM most critical to the success or failure of his strategy. Explain why.

Robin Hood’s band of Merrymen is growing too large to be supported by the local region. •The sheriff of Nottingham is growing stronger and becoming better organized •The Merrymen’s vigilance is in decline and discipline is hard to enforce •Revenues are in decline because travelers are avoiding the forest. oThis is the major problem that Robin Hood needs to overcome. If Robin Hood cannot steal the rich people’s money, he has nothing to give to the poor. Also, with no money, Mr. Hood will not be able to outfit his group of Merrymen, and they will become weaker and weaker…making themselves susceptible to attacks from the Sheriff.

2.What are the organization’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats? Weight each of these factors on a scale of .1 (low) to .9 (high) in terms of its potential to affect the success or failure of the vision, mission, or objectives.

There are large numbers of merrymen. (.7)
New recruits are pouring in. (.7)
The men are united in their enmity against the Sheriff. (.9) Weaknesses
The merrymen are slacking off and becoming complacent. (.8) •The band is so large that Robin doesn’t know everyone. (.6) •Financial reserves are at an all-time low. (.9)
Potential alliance with the barons in Nottingham. (.4)
King Richard might be on his way back to Nottingham. (.8) Threats
The Sheriff is growing stronger. (.8)
The “Rich” are avoiding his section of the forest. (.9)

3.What is the current vision, mission, objectives, and strategy of Robin Hood and the Merry men? Do they need a new mission? New objectives? A new strategy?

The vision of Robin Hood and the Merrymen is to have a kingdom with an honorable king who treats everyone fairly. •The current mission of Robin Hood and the Merrymen is to...
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