Robin Hood and Feudalism

Topics: Feudalism, John of England, Robin Hood Pages: 4 (1319 words) Published: April 26, 2011
Robin Hood and Feudalism

ROBIN HOOD In the years of King Richard the Lionheart (1189-1199) there lived a brave and intelligent man called Robin Hood. He was a feared outlaw, who loved liberty and hated oppression. He took the law into his own hands and robbed the rich to give to the poor. People loved him and thought of him as a justice-maker. In time he acquired a heroic reputation and came to represent the ideal of heroism of his age. Stories about him and his closest friends Friar Tuck, Little John, and Maid Marian may be found in the time. They say that Robin Hood and his companions lived in Sherwood Forest, near Nottingham. They were called the ‘merry men’ and used to wear green clothes, a particular shade of green, called ‘Lincoln green’. They also say that Robin’s outlaws were very well-organized and skilful in their attacks. They were very disciplined and obeyed strict rules of behavior. Looking at the textbook, “The West: Encounters and Transformations” by Brian Levack, there is very little information regarding the English heroine. However, there are several areas that depict the era of the 12th century. One of the areas depicted was Feudalism. In the 2010 movie, “Robin Hood,” staring Russell Crowe and Cate Blanchett, I examined the movies portrayal of Robin Hood versus the history of Robin Hood in our textbook. It is my position that the traits of Feudalism have been displayed within the movie, “Robin Hood.”

Feudalism began between the 8th and 9th centuries. It was first recognized in France, and later spread to most countries of Western Europe. When Charlemagne died there was no strong ruler to take his place. That was when feudalism was established as the main system of government and way of life in Medieval Europe. Europe was politically divided. It was hit several invasions of the Vikings, they Magyars, Muslim pirates, and others. People could no longer look to a central ruler for protection. They had to seek the...

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