Robin Hood

Topics: Robin Hood, Legend, Robin of Sherwood Pages: 2 (582 words) Published: September 21, 2011
Hero or Criminal?
Many people consider Robin Hood a hero. He was definitely a hero to the peasants of Nottingham. After all he stole from the rich and gave to the poor. If I were poor he would have been my hero, too. But to the rich people of Nottingham he was nothing more than a criminal. I'm sure I wouldn't think too highly of someone that stole my money. What Robin Hood never took into consideration was that even though the outcome was good the course of action he took wasn't right. So was he a hero or a criminal? Some people consider him a kind hearted hero. Others think of him as a cold hearted criminal. So which is it? It all depends on your perspective. The legend of Robin Hood is one of the most famous legends around. "He is the subject of nearly forty English and Scottish ballads and numerous tales, plays, and films" (Wilhelm "Robin Hood"). But a legend isn't always a fact. "Practically all that is known of the medieval legend of Robin Hood is derived from five surviving poems or ballads and a fragment of a play" (Holt 15). "The first literary reference to Robin Hood is in 1377. Much of the social background in the early ballads resembles the 14th century. But there are some reasons to believe that the Robin Hood legend was alive and well in the 13th century too. Hence, some historians like J. C. Holt prefer an earlier real Robin Hood" (Robin Hood-The Search for the Real Robin Hood 9). No one knows for sure if Robin Hood is even a real character. "According to one traditional story, Robin Hood was actually the Earl of Huntingdon, and his real name was Robert Fitzooth. But many scholars believe Robin Hood is completely fictitious."("Robin Hood" 346). Roger Dodsworth, one of the greatest figures of the antiquarian movement of the seventeenth century, noted: Robert Locksley, born in Bradfield parish, in Hallamshire [S. Yorkshire], wounded his stepfather to death at plough: fled into the woods, and was relieved by his mother till he was discovered. Then he...
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