Robin Hood

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Robin Hood
1. What is Robin Hood’s strategic Vision?
Robin Hood’s basic strategic vision is to eradicate the Sheriff of Nottingham and his organization because the Sheriff’s taxes were too high. The strategic vision must be expanded to what will happen to Robin Hood and the Merrymen when the Sheriff has been eliminated. For instance, what will become of the band? Will they continue to serve a purpose after the Sheriff and his men are gone? The strategic vision should speak to what Robin Hood and his men represent, and how they may work together in the future. 2. What is Robin Hood’s current mission?

Robin Hood’s current mission is to steal from the rich and give to the poor. The Merrymen are currently doing this by relying on rich travelers who come through Sherwood Forest, where they are robbed so that the poor may be fed and so that the band may continue to operate. Unfortunately, the mission is beginning to fail because the band has expanded so dramatically that resources are under a large strain, and because travelers have begun avoiding the forest because they know they will be robbed. 3. What issues are currently facing Robin Hood that he needs to address? A SWOT analysis of Robin Hood’s current practices would help to identify what is being done right, and what must change: Strengths:

Leadership among the band is strong
Men are well-trained and periodically tested on abilities
Band has support of local farmers and townspeople
Band has grown to be too large; some men are not recognized at all Resources have diminished due to rapid increase in size or the band Opportunities:
Expand management of band to enable a more hand-on approach Change recruitment process to enable the band to accept only skilled recruits Threats:
Sheriff and his men have expanded forces and resources
Prince John’s viciousness will rise as the barons continue to dispute his claim to the throne First, Robin Hood needs to address the recruiting process....
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