Robert Princeton at Falls Video

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I.Characteristic analysis
Mario is so hard -working and closed in his work. Pursuing several years of part-time study and evening class to graduate with his associate’s degree in accounting is the most persuasive evidence for Mario’s diligence. The subject that he studied in a long time showed that his top consideration in business is cost management.

Unlike Mario, Robert seems to be an imaginative person. This explains for his bachelor’s degree in theatre. However, he cares about business and use tools of business administration methodically and logically. Because of the creative ability and logical inference, Robert gradually approaches problem sequence that Falls Video has met. These steps represents Robert’s competency of organizational behavior in dealing with relationship with colleagues, customers resulting in correctly defining problem requiring solving and proposing strategic project to settle those problem.

As we studied, the two primary sources shaping personality differences are heredity and environment. Aspects of environment that influence personality formation include culture, family, group membership, and life experience. In this case study, there is no evidence about heredity, so we mainly analyze environment. About culture:

The author do not mention about The Valencia or Robert Princeton’s nationality. About family:
The primary vehicle for socializing an individual into a particular culture is the person’s immediate family. For the Valencia, Poppa Valencia is content to remain in Glens Falls office and keep the books for growing business. This characteristic affects somewhat son Mario Valencia’s personality. Looking back to decision of Mr. and Mrs. Princeton when giving support for Robert to study MBA program just after coming up against first obstacle in his life in initiating business, it obviously influences on Robert’s behavior about the way of resolving problem in business management. About Group membership:

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