Robert Mugabe's Power

Topics: Better, Morgan Tsvangirai, The Streets Pages: 2 (465 words) Published: November 13, 2008
Individuals who are involved in groups that make decisions such as political, family, work, school, economic, interest groups etc. always have those with the most power or authority than others. The individual who has been placed in power is to persuade the use of power for the betterment of the group.

According to the articles about ‘Robert Mugabe’ he was, and still is, considered using Coercive power based. His way of using his power is to use negative and unconstructive consequences or punishments if his people reject him and his demands. An example of this is shown in the article (Robert Mugabe: The Teflon Tyrant), “Denying food aid to entire villages with a history of supporting his opponents in the Movement for Democratic Change”. Because of the way he has given injustice to his people, his people do not respect him and tend to evade him, but still have no preference. "Since the man will not go on his own, some are praying that God will take him" (Robert Mugabe: The Teflon Tyrant).

In the articles, Robert Mugabe displays his character as a powerful leader and illustrates to use his position of power in a negative and hurtful behavior. An example of him using his power in a harmful manner is when he does beatings and harassments to his opponents. He says that he cares for his people and his country, but because of his stubborn and inflexible nature of ruling he does not listen to his advisors, mostly because he believes that what he is doing his right, he is failing his country and making his people suffer.

Robert Mugabe and his use of power has not only affected his country into being rurally poor and in poverty, but also to his people by his policies. Examples of his unconstructive outcomes was that his nation where 70 per cent unemployment, where hospital and education services are decomposed, farmlands have been damaged, and some country sides are so poor have taken to eating rats rather than starving.

Robert Mugabe could have used his...
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