Robert Hooke

Topics: Robert Hooke, Isaac Newton, Physics Pages: 2 (511 words) Published: April 6, 2011
Robert Hooke
Physics is the center of anything and everything in this universe. It is why we always come down after jumping up. It is why our Earth circles the Sun and the Moon circles our Earth. Behind all of these answers through equations stand many men and women who have been patient and determined enough to figure it all out. One of these fine beings would be a man by the name of Robert Hooke. Robert Hooke was born in July of 1635. He was the son of John Hooke, a churchman, who committed suicide when Hooke was but thirteen years old. This, along with his odd looks, affected him emotionally his entire life. But even being orphanized at such a young ago did not tamper with his love for science. From his work on clocks, to the publication of his Micrographia, gases, his inventions, his ideas on fossils, weather, springs, gravity, and light, Hooke has done many things in contributing to science and the world. Although he has done such great things, he went his entire life unrecognized for a lot of his work. Some Physicists even took his work, however this did not discourage him in continuing with his naturally born skill in science. Hooke was very famous in being a colleague of Isaac Newton. It is said that Newton “borrowed” many ideas from Hooke. Hooke had a very clear and accurate picture of gravity and planetary motion but everyone always thinks of Newton when something of that matter is brought up. Even though Hooke was unrecognized for a good many things, he was credited for a lot of inventions that have come to assist in science tremendously. Things such as: the universal joint, iris diaphragm, an early prototype of the respirator, an anchor escapement, balance spring, and he has devised an equation for elasticity which has come to be known as Hooke’s Law. Of course that is but a small list of things he has invented and contributed to the wonderful world of science. He also assisted Robert Boyle in studying the physics...
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