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There always comes a time in a one’s life where we have to take our self out of the socialistic world and make a choice on the path we want to travel on in life. Robert Frost effectively uses naturalistic words to illustrate the concept of self-realization in the poem, The Road Not Taken. Some people live their lives sadly never able to realize that they had the choice all along to go down the road not taken. It is inevitable that everyone comes to an intersection in their life where two roads meet. In a perfect world there would be a preview for each road and then the choice may be easier to make. Unfortunately people do not have this luxury and in the end we need to take the path that fits our needs, not what others want for us.

When going about life, there are speed bumps we have no control over while choices have to be made sooner than later that may have required further reflection. However, this is the story of life and our choices are the ingredients that make people who they are. Life is about living and learning. Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,

And sorry I could not travel both
The beginning of the poem paints a reflective moment one’s life when both of the paths are appealing however we must not mistake temptation with opportunity. And be one traveler, long I stood,
And looked down one as far as I could

Our peers are always going to try to influence us into what they think is best, instead of what we as individuals feel is the best for us. When faced with issues and choices in life, we are able to ask our friends and family for input, but in the end, the final decision has to come from deep down and what we know is right for us in our personal lives. Because it was grassy and wanted wear

In the second stanza, the traveler in this poem decides to take the road less travelled. After intense self reflection of his life changing experience, he had come to the conclusion that he wanted his life to be different, and had chosen...
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