Robert Frost's Timeline

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Robert Lee Frost

•Robert Frost was born in San Francisco, California
•His father William Frost, a journalist and an ardent Democrat, died when Frost was about eleven years old •His Scottish mother, the former Isabelle Moody, resumed her career as a schoolteacher to support her family. •The family lived in Lawrence, Massachusetts, with Frost's paternal grandfather, William Prescott Frost •In 1892 Frost graduated from a high school and attended Dartmouth College for a few months. •Frost worked among others in a textile mill and taught Latin at his mother's school in Methuen, Massachusetts •In 1894 the New York Independent published Frost's poem 'My Butterfly' •In 1895 he married a former schoolmate, Elinor White; they had six children. •From 1897 to 1899 Frost studied at Harvard, but left without receiving a degree. •In 1912 Frost sold his farm and moved his family to England where he first published his collection of poems, A BOY'S WILL, at the age of 39. It was followed by NORTH BOSTON (1914) •The collection contains some of Frost's best-known poems: 'Mending Wall,' 'The Death of the Hired Man,' 'Home Burial,' 'A Servant to Servants,' 'After Apple-Picking,' and 'The Wood-Pile.' •His wife died in 1938 and he lost four of his children. Two of his daughters suffered mental breakdowns, and his son Carol, a frustrated poet and farmer, committed suicide. •Frost also suffered from depression and the continual self-doubt led him to cling to the desire to be awarded the Nobel Prize for literature. •Among the honors and rewards Frost received were tributes from the U.S. Senate (1950), the American Academy of Poets (1953), New York University (1956), and the Huntington Hartford Foundation (1958), the Congressional Gold Medal (1962), the Edward Mac Dowell Medal (1962). In 1930 he was elected to the American Academy of Arts and Letters, Amherst College appointed him Sampson Lecturer for Life (1949), and in 1958 he was made poetry consultant for...
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