Robert Doisneau: One of the Greatest Photographers of the Last Century

Topics: Photography, World War II, Gentilly, Val-de-Marne Pages: 5 (785 words) Published: October 29, 2006
Robert Doisneau

Robert Doisneau is most certainly one of the greatest photographers of the last century.

All of his photographs represent him as a person, his personality and his nationality. Most of his

work is of him taking pictures of real life events and real people performing them. A French

photographer living in Paris he captures some very exciting and breathtaking moments. With the

city as a canvas he wandered through it taking pictures of the beautiful city backdrop and the

everyday people that live there. It is now question that Mr. Doisneau is one of the most

recognized and also famous photographers to arise out of Paris France.

Robert Doisneau was born on April 14, 1912 in Gentilly, This was a suburb of Paris

witch was also one of the most densely populated area with people. With so many people

crammed into such a little town there was not much money to be passed around for jobs either.

Robert was not the smartest kid when it came to school, so at the age of thirteen he entered into a

trade school. This is the place where he truly experienced the true meaning of art and

photography. The school that he attended was also quite poor and had limited classes, but the one

he enjoyed the most was his study of photography. Doisneau started his profecion in 1934 and

later on in 1939 became an independent photojournalist. With World War Two right at Frances

back door he was called to war. With is profecion as a photographer the army used him for

spying and other useful traits.

Not that he did not takes some great shots during
that war, some of his best were after.

Once the war was over he was then out of a job, so resorted to a lot of freelance work. With him

now living in the heart of Paris he sold a lot of his work to Life and other very important

magasines. What people wanted to see was other comon people in common situation, but in

different parts of the world, and that is exactly what Doisneau brought to the photo. Still not well

known he signed with a small Magasine/modeling company called Vogue. He started with them

and in 1948 is when his work of fashion photography really took off. Even though he was

considerd high society, he did not want to get away from the everyday common people of paris.

Today people look at his photographs and know Paris France when they see them. He saw his job

as to capture parts of his life as they pass by freely.

The photo I chose to critique was called Kiss by the Hotel de Ville. I was surfing the net

for some of the more famous photographers of the 19th century, Wile I didn't know his name this

picture drew me in like no other. Everything is so perfect and natural in this picture showing the

real side of Doisneau. When you think of Robert this picture pops right into my head. In this

picture he is capturing the common city streets of Paris, and puts a main subject to take your

breath away. This picture is mainly focused on the couple kissing each other. You can not tell if

they are meeting or leaving but the swing of the ladies arm tells me that he is grabbing her and

bringing her in for a romantic kiss. You can tell Robert caught them right at the second they had

started there pose as she is moving in the motion twords the man and is not drawing any attention

from the citizens around them. You can also vagly see what looks like the Hotel de Ville as the

title describes. He uses the perfect apertura so that he draws no attention away for his two main


As you can tell from just this one great photo that this man is a Brilliant photographer.

Giving the people what they wanted in his way of doing it, is what made him so successful.

Although he did not have the greatest childhood he defiantly made up for it with some of his

moving photographs. This man has bean one of my main...
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