Robert Boyle

Topics: Trigraph, Boyle's law, Robert Boyle Pages: 2 (457 words) Published: September 29, 2013
Robert Boyle employed a J-shaped piece of glass tubing that was sealed on one end. A gas (air) was trapped in the sealed end of the tube and varying amounts of mercury were added to the J-shaped tube to vary the pressure of the system. Boyle systematically varied the pressure and measured the volume of the gas. These measurements were performed using a fixed amount of gas and a constant temperature. In this way Boyle was able to examine the pressure-volume relationship without complications from other factors such as changes in temperature or amount of gas. This was in 1662. Boyle was much influenced by Galileo's death and he carefully studied his works. If any one event shaped Boyle's life and directed him towards science it was that. He became a strong supporter of Galileo's philosophy and believed strongly from this time in the new approach to studying the world through mathematics and mechanics. He argued against Aristotle's view of the four elements of earth, air, fire, and water, saying that matter was composed of corpuscles which themselves were differently built up of different configurations of primary particles. Overall he believed that the world was basically a complex system governed by a small number of simple mathematical laws. boylkfesnf ewhbsefhijdcs nfjebhsdfjn jhswn jfnsh kjbfpu esffweb cnofjsdhjf nsejf mcvjdw lhbfiuweh ncdjnefwjfbuweigcb djbfveuwfbv dvi dvehwfijfbhfejbvsekrjlbfel r djbfkj dsbfijsdnvijwhdf cjdbfiushbdvcjaibhna va hvaoiphf kjahbgp uwmawuie wknf vfjghug fejwhoif[hwekcnowh fewhiofhwkjncoeihg as;hoiah;lkan oaierhgoherjgn ujoeakgfoiweh foeihfoiewhnd ihweiorhksdn ewhriewhfhn fhewaiohreh erjhgoiehajn rgjehjguhegwuegw irehgihaeuage ershuptohq sreuhshn hsgoeuhgt eruhoperih rihtuer ghiehgjnfdgopsuhen eirheuhnre ifh dsifohwe [ iih a;iehr;ewaekrngh;io o rihgroiuh iohgruehyeu u uhfuegfuewhuifv eriuh ueurwat ieur rt rthurhgnfvhef rghuerh rehituhreth rhetuewhkljwh ;hsngq;jnfvfiodhg rieohogirehn oihrvinjj hvfiohergnjerhgi grhoerihgnvf...
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