Robert Boyle

Topics: Robert Boyle, Royal Society, Robert Hooke Pages: 3 (570 words) Published: January 2, 2013
Born in Cork, Ireland, in the year 1627, Robert
Boyle was born into a very rich family. His
father, Richard Boyle, was the Earl of Cork.
Part of Boyle's success was because he
lived with one of the richest men of Ireland.
Richard Boyle, however, gained his money
through stealing. His mother died before he was
Though he did well at his school initially, when
a new headmaster arrived, Boyle did poorly. His father
removed him from his school, and hired a tutor to
teach him philosophy, French and mathematics.
Though he did well in all of them, he excelled in math.

After some time, Boyle decided to joins the
"Invisible College" as refered to by Boyle. This is where
he discussed different scientific aspects. John Wilkins,
the leader of the Invisible College, offered Boyle to stay
at Oxford, where he could do his expirements as he
His Father: Though he did not directly give any ideas and
inspiration, Boyle's success came from his private tutor
that would have been too expensive for anyone else other
than someone of his father's position.
Galileo: When he visited Italy, he learned about Galileo's
struggles with the Church. From this, he grew to respect
him and agree with Galileo's ideas about science's appli-
cation to life.
John Wilkins: Wilkins gave Boyle much of his education
which helped create his interest, and inspiration.
In 1662, Boyle did an expirement involving a
J Shaped tube, oxygen, and mercury. He
put different amounts of mercury in each
tube, which caused a change in pressure. No
matter how much or little mercury in the tube,
the volume times the pressure remained the
same. This lead to Boyle's law, stating that
Pressure*Volume = K, where K is a constant
and the temperature is constant.

Though Boyle's Law, P*V = K, was his greatest
achievment, he still had other minor successes. He
did a series of expirements with his assistant, Hooke.
Together, they...
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