"Rob Parsons at Morgan Stanley"

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This case displays a situation in which Parsons is up for a new promotion. The student has to discover if he should be eligible or if he should be looked over. He is a do it kind of guy and does not follow the chain of command. However, it is this innititive that I admired. He did not graduate from Harvard and does not act as properly as others from these types of elite schools. Should this be frowned upon or admired due to his ability to take risks. What do you think, should he get it or not? Read to see what I thought.

Rob Parson at Morgan Stanley

Rob Parson joined Morgan Stanley as a market coverage professional in the Capital Markets division focusing on financial institutions with ten years of experience in the banking and insurance industries. He has built strong relationships within these industries along the way. As principal of his divisions, a position with a reputation for being notoriously difficult to perform has seen a tremendous amount of turnover. Parson has performed generally better than anyone else before him. He exhibits good marketing skills and shows great initiative in pursuing business. He is one of the hardest workers in Capital Markets and has made consistent efforts over the past year on improving his working relationships inside the firm. Parson's strongest skill is his ability and willingness to know his clients and their interests within a particular deal. He always shows good judgment in his client approaches by playing to Morgan Stanley's strengths. His willingness to contact clients and get feedback on a particular inquiry has also given the organization a better understanding of the customers' true desires and opinions. The areas in need of further development include his team player skills, traditional management skills, and decision making. The performance evaluations indicated that many of Parson's co-workers feel that he should work at integrating his efforts more effectively with the broader team, and also improve his...
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