Rob Parson Case

Topics: Management, Morgan Stanley, Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Pages: 4 (1532 words) Published: October 8, 2008
Case - Rob Parson at Morgan Stanley
Q 1.What is your assessment of Parson’s performance? Should Parson be promoted? Parson equipped with ten years of work experience and networking skills was skeptical when he first got the invitation to join Morgan Stanley. He felt that he did not fit into the typical crowd. Our assessment of his strengths and weaknesses as mentioned in the table below. STRENGHTSWEAKNESSES

Strong selling skillsLacks team player abilities
Excellent networking capabilities Too aggressive
Customer delight capabilities Volatile
Makes things happenLacks empathy
CommittedDoes not adhere to rules
Takes initiative
Competent market and product knowledge
Efficient , energetic and assertive
Knowledgeable experience

According to the Myers–Briggs Type Indicator Parson is an ENTP personality type. This indicates that he falls under the category of a conceptualizer. His key characteristics are that he is an innovative, individualistic, versatile person and is attracted to entrepreneurial ideas. Parson is resourceful in solving challenging problems but neglects routine assignments. Parson falls under only about five percent of the population. In the article Managing Away Bad Habits, Parson can be categorized as a rebel with a few inherent qualities of a hero. Rebels generally ask inappropriate questions in meetings, question motives behind any major change and do not adhere to company. As mentioned in the article, Paul too lacks the empathy and he also rose to success at the very start of his career. However, Parson genuinely cares about the company and is motivated to bring in more Clients. Like a Hero Parson is more focused on client delight instead of pleasing his subordinates. Parson only needs to be ‘fine-tuned’ a little and kept under ‘constant vigilance’. His performance surpasses his negative behavior and he definitely shows the gut to take the company to unprecedented heights....
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