Rob Marson at Organ Stanley

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Human Resource Management


Rob Parson at Morgan Stanley
Case Report

Group 6, Section A, PGP1
Akash Deep Goldy| 2012PGP021|
Manish Kumar Manu| 2012PGP196|
Sukhad Chaturvedi| 2012PGP380|
V. Darshana| 2012PGP415|
Vaibhav Goel| 2012PGP416|

Rob Parson at Morgan Stanley
Present Scenario:
Rob Pearson, a recently recruited employee as a “Principal” has been a star performer at Morgan Stanley. He has produced results and revenues for the company, but has not been a cultural fit in the organization. He is to be promoted to the post of Managing Director on the basis of his stellar performance, but his performance reviews, submitted as part of the 360 degree performance evaluation process show he lacks skills like teamwork, co-operation and other such interpersonal skills.

Evaluation of the Alternatives- Whether to Promote Rob Parson or not PROS| CONS|
Exceptional performer- Has performed better than others at the job.| * Parson never built consensus around what he wanted to do which was against the MS way of doing things. * Superiors called him volatile and abrasive and colleagues were concerned about his lack of team player skills. * Reviews pointed out that Parson was very judgemental and rushed through his decisions.| Is capable of creating a need with the clients and selling the product. Has developed excellent relationship with the clients- people look forward to meeting him.| Promoting him would set a bad precedent for other team members and might undo the cultural change MS has undergone with the use of the 360 degree review system over the past 2 years.| * Parson is of energetic and entrepreneurial nature which is required to penetrate the CMS sector and bring a turnaround for MS. * He was hired with an implicit understanding that he would be promoted, hence, * Denying him this promotion might well cause him to leave.| Nasr would be seen as favouring 'his own guy' if he promoted Parson....
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