Rob Ford and Toronto City Council

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Rob Ford & Toronto City Council
MacEwan University
November 24, 2013

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Rob Ford, the current mayor of Toronto, has caused an ongoing fiasco in the Toronto city council. Allegations of drug abuse as well as other scandalous behavior have caused Mr. Ford to become the target of the wrath of Toronto city council members. These parties have entered a negotiation to remove Ford from his mayoral position, as a result of these allegations and other irresponsible behaviors. The debate between Ford and Toronto city council has extended beyond the two parties, and involving others. The arguments exchanged breach ethical issues, and are troublesome to the stakeholders involved. Parties Involved

Mayor Rob Ford
       Elected as the Mayor of Toronto in 2010, Rob Ford has recently come into dispute with Toronto City Council who is attempting to remove his power as a mayor. After admitting to drug abuse while in office, Ford has refused to step down from his mayoral position. Ford argues that he was elected with majority votes in 2010, and by the right of democracy he is still entitled to hold that position (Sewell, 2013). Many of Ford’s arguments are based on democratic assumptions that it is by the right of Toronto citizens to decide who should be the mayor, and not city council. Toronto City Council

       Toronto City Council is faced with the grueling task of negotiating with Ford in attempt to have him step down in light of his recent behaviors. City council's actions come in the wake of Ford's series of admissions in recent weeks that he has smoked crack cocaine while in office, gotten behind the wheel after having a few drinks and purchased illegal drugs in the last two years. (Edwards, 2013). In recent events Toronto council voted to transfer the majority of Ford’s budget and roles to Deputy Mayor, Norm Kelly. Members of council expressed their concern for the upheaval Ford has caused, suggesting that they never know what’s next with him. One council member even expressed concern for Ford’s mental health (Edwards, 2013). Other Stakeholders Involved

Toronto Citizens
Being that Rob Ford is the person elected to represent the population of Toronto, the recent debates between Ford and Council do affect the well being of Toronto’s population. The disputes between council and Ford disrupt the happenings of the party, and hold the city government back from moving forward in day to day activities. The negotiations between Ford and Council take time, at the expense of Toronto citizens, whose best interests are put on hold until things are settled. Businesses/Investors

Ford’s actions have caught the attention of business owners, who are concerned that investors will not seek opportunities in Toronto because of the government instability. Ford’s activities have been described as a deterrent to good business practice, since he acts as a representative for Toronto (Lapointe, 2013). Media

Media coverage of Ford and the disputes between him and council has gone international. Ford has been featured on the Today Show to talk about recent upheaval, discussed on various news programs, and portrayed by actor Bobby Moynihan in the popular comedy “Saturday Night Live”. Because of the outrageous debates between Ford and Council, media has taken a special interest to his story and become a stakeholder in its progress and development. Canada

It has also been argued that Rob Ford’s actions have set a bad name for the entire Nation of Canada. Arguably, in light of recent events, Ford has put Canada on the map- not necessarily in a good way.  Fords behavior has been recognized internationally, and associated with the workings of Canada. Some have even gone as far to suggest that this is “Ford Nation”, and that other countries are losing site of the nice-guy repertoire we have developed, in exchange for the assumption that Ford’s behavior sets a standard (Khan,...

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