Roaring Twenties

Topics: 1920s, Roaring Twenties, Prohibition in the United States Pages: 2 (768 words) Published: January 23, 2014

Feet dancing to the Charleston to the music that flowed out of Louis Armstrong’s trumpet. People flocked to sporting events in record numbers to watch famous athletes. Fueled by easy money the nineteen-twenties were boom times like never before. The post-war recession was forgotten as everyone went on a spending spree. War and the economic depression caused many to turn to God and others to turn away from him. Major efforts were made to spread Christianity in the heathen nations and communism emerged as a force opposing Christianity. Evolution challenged Creationism. The Roaring Twenties brought so many changes. It transformed how people lived.

In January of 1920, the Eighteenth Amendment went into effect. The manufacture, sale, and transportation of alcohol were made illegal. This was more commonly known as Prohibition. Reformers considered serious social problems were the result of alcohol. The rural South and West, with large areas of Protestants supported Prohibition. However, the effect of World War I was too great. Americans wanted to enjoy their lives. Alcohol was thought as a part of socializing. Soon, resentment for the government grew. The government did not meet the amount of funds that was needed to enforce the law. People became audacious. A substantial growth of speakeasies is an understatement. They were almost everywhere. Speakeasies were hidden saloons, which were mostly found underground, where people could go and drink illegally. Eventually, people found many ways to live above the law. People now could but liquor from bootleggers. Peopl began making moonshine in their bathtubs. Reformers once thought the Eighteenth Amendment would be a solution. Prohibition just increased the crime rate. About 19% of Americans supported Prohibition by the mid 20’s. The remaining 81% believed that the problems following Prohibition were worse than the initial. Journalist H. l. Mencken wrote, “The business of evading (the law) and making a mock of it...
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