"Roald Dahl: Goin Solo" Book Summary

Topics: Dar es Salaam, Royal Dutch Shell, Roald Dahl Pages: 3 (1282 words) Published: February 24, 2014
Roald Dahl: Going Solo

Going Solo is a memoir by Roald Dahl, first published by Jonathan Cape in London in 1986. It is a continuation of his autobiography describing his childhood, Boy. It tells about his voyage to Africa, describing the various strange people he meets. He was on a boat heading towards Dar es Salaam for his new job working for Shell Oil. He eventually joined the war as a squadron pilot in the Royal Air Force, flying the Tiger Moth, Gloster Gladiator, and Hawker Hurricane. He was one of the last Allied pilots to withdraw from Greece during the German invasion. After Greece fell to the Nazis, he went to the Middle East to fight Vichy French pilots after staying for a brief time in Alexandria, Egypt. Background

The book is set in the time of Queen Victoria, when the British public are fascinated with East Africa and colonise there. The Royal Dutch Shell Company, which Roald works for, was formed when two moderately successful but fragile businesses merged together in 1907 to result in the Shell Multinational Petroleum Company. Wherever there was a need for Kerosene, Petrol and Oil, Shell successfully expanded there. When Shell expanded to Africa they only had a few young men taking care of a vast territory within East Africa. The Shell Company was the main company that successfully kept the equipment maintained and running in the up-country mines and plantations. The Germans got to Africa before the British and took a lot of the land, when the British arrived in Africa they didn’t expect the Germans to be there before them and take most of the land. The British took all the land they could get and Shell took place in the British territory.

Roald Dahl in Tanganyika
In the book Roald explains he had been on a ship to Tanganyika when one morning he saw Mr. and Mrs. Major Griffiths running up and down on the deck of the ship, this shows that Roald Dahl always finds the funny side in everything. In “Dar es Salaam” he stays for 2 months. Once...
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