Roald Amundsen Journey Timeline

Topics: Roald Amundsen, South Pole, Haakon VII of Norway Pages: 3 (760 words) Published: November 16, 2008
8 September 1911
The journey started. Eight men and sledges which were pulled by 86 dogs. 31 miles were covered in the next 3 days. 11 September
Woke up to find temperatures nearing –70F

12 September
Conditions worsened as the fluid in their compasses froze solid. Decided to make a run for the depot, unloard their sledges and race back to Framheim.. 14 September
Weather cooperated.
Arrived at depot.
15 September
Evening, Hanssen and Stubberud discovered their heels were frostbitten. A number of the dogs were suffering from the cold; two dogs froze to death in their sleep. 16 September
7:00 am, they set off for Framheim.
First two sledges moved so rapidly and the sledge teams broke up. Bjaaland and Stubberud reaching first at 6 pm, while Johansen and Prestrud finally stumbled into camp at 12:30 am the next day. Johansen and Prestrud were totally exhausted, having found Framheim in the dark and fog only by following the barking of the dogs. 17 September

At breakfast, Amundsen asked Johansen why it had taken them so long to make it back to Framheim. Johansen exploded, angrily accusing Amundsen of displaying poor leadership qualities when the group had been allowed to split up. Amundsen never forgave Johansen for this confrontation.

Amundsen's excuse to the others was that Hanssen was suffering severely from frostbite... the men were not totally convinced. At noon, Amundsen announced his change in plans. Amundsen would lead one party to the Pole while Prestrud--with Johansen--would lead another to explore King Edward VII Land. If the Pole party were not successful, at least there might still be a "first" gained for Norway. Amundsen then spoke to each man individually (ignoring Johansen), asking for his pledge of loyalty...all gave it. 20 October

Amundsen, Bjaaland, Wisting, Hassel and Hanssen departed with four sledges each pulled by 13 dogs. 24 October
Making good progress, they arrived at 80°S.
They uncovered the...
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