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The Armed Forces of the Philippines Transformation Roadmap (AFPTR) are important part of our plan to meet our aspiration to become a world class armed forces. We look to build a strong military, to be fully mission effective, professional, credibly equipped and highly responsive to the technological, doctrine and sociological changes. I believe we can achieve our vision to become world class armed forces that is a source of national pride by 2028. The AFP can reach these goals, by first, adherence to the components of the transformation roadmap, second, through the strong support of the stakeholders and third, through the absolute commitment of the leadership.

The AFPTR is based on the Performance Governance System (PGS) which is an adaptation of Harvard’s Balanced Scorecard framework into local circumstances of the Philippines. (OJ5, 2014) The AFP instituted reforms based on the principles of good governance and performance excellence. AFPTR has three key components, first, Charter Statement, which sets and defines the strategic direction to pursue. Second, Strategy Map which outlines the strategic objectives and defines the interrelationship among these objectives. Third, Governance Scorecard to ensure that the strategic objectives are achieved and the 2028 vision is realized. (OJ5, 2014) The AFP has set up three base camps along the way that must be achieved to get closer to the 2028 vision. By the end of 2016, fully mission capable AFP. By 2022, a strong and sustainable armed forces in the pacific region. The end-goal for 2028 is to become a world-class armed forces.

In mission capable AFP, one source of skepticism, is the mission capable in territorial defense, particularly capable in securing the country from aggression or invasion, this is because of our limited resources and equipments. To address this problem, the AFP needs to strengthen security alliances and partnership with other countries through sustained bilateral and multilateral...

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