Road to Mecca- Marius' emotional impact

Topics: Friendship, Emotion, The Reader Pages: 4 (1191 words) Published: May 1, 2015

Throughout The Road to Mecca the reader experiences conflicting emotions towards the character Marius due to the complexities of characters and the dynamic events that occur during the play. This essay will explore the impact that the character, Marius has on the reader’s emotions as the play unfolds.  

During the first act, Marius is not present, but is discussed between Helen and Elsa. From their conversation the reader develops a preconception that Maruis is manipulative and is attempting to convince Helen to move out of her home. This idea is reinforced by Helens fear to stand up to him. “It’s just that Maruis is such a persuasive talker.” (p.33 – Helen about Maruis) Upon meeting Maruis in the second act, he comes across as pushy when he explains to Helen that a lot of people have gone through great measures to secure Helen a spot at the old aged home. By causing Helen to feel guilty and informing her that a decision needs to be made quickly, the reader feels that Marius’ manipulation is a result of possible ulterior motives. “For an old friend he sounds a little overeager to have you on his way.” (p31 – Elsa about Maruis) The reader also picks up on the Elsa and Helen’s attitudes towards Marcus and upon realizing Helen does not want to move out, the reader is inclined to support Elsa and Helen’s wants as the reader has developed an emotional attachment to them.  

Marius’ conservative views and constant attempt to make Helen fit into society’s expectations are symbolic of old and pro-apartheid views. This furthers the reader’s dislike towards Maruis, as the reader would likely disagree with Maruis’ beliefs. “You turned your back on your church, on your faith and then on us for that?” (p 63 – Maruis’ about Helen’s Mecca) Maruis did not want Helen to defy the expectations of woman to go to church, to clean or to be obedient wives and when she did he was unable...
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