Topics: Traffic light, Traffic, Pedestrian crossing Pages: 3 (1391 words) Published: May 13, 2014
1. Keep Left:  Drive as close to the left side of the road and allow all traffic going in the opposite direction to pass on the right hand side. 2. Turning Left: When needing to turn onto a road on the left, stay close to the left side of the road and after making the turn continue on the left side of the road. (Do not cut across lanes from the right side of the road and then turn left). 3. Turning Right: When turning onto a road on the right side, first approach the center of the road as safely as possible and then turn to the right and stay on the left side of the road. 4. Passing: If there is a need to pass traffic proceeding in the same direction, always pass/overtake them on their right side. The only exception to this would be the case where a vehicle that is trying to turn to the right (and has indicated their intention to turn right) is occupying the center lane and therefore requires passing them on the left side. 5. Passing Prohibited: Overtaking/passing a vehicle proceeding in the same direction is prohibited in the following scenarios: 1. The passing/overtaking would cause inconvenience or danger to any vehicle proceeding in any direction. 2. On bends/curves in the road or on hills or there are other obstructions present that prevents a clear view of the road ahead. 3. If the driver behind the current vehicle has already started to overtake the vehicle 4. The driver of the vehicle in front has not yet signaled that he may be overtaken. ( Please Note: The solid lines painted on the middle of the road indicate passing is prohibited for as long as the line is a solid line- you will notice them on bridges, curves and where visibility of the road ahead is not present. Overtaking when safe to do so is allowed when the line changes to a dashed line.) 6. When being Passed/Overtaken by another vehicle: The driver should not speed up or do anything to prevent the other vehicle from passing. 7. Intersections:  Drivers should slow down when approaching road...
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