Road Safety Audits and Developing Road Safety Action Plans

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METHOD STATEMENT COMPLETING ROAD SAFETY AUDITS AND DEVELOPING ROAD SAFETY ACTION PLANS A Road Safety Audit is a formal examination of an existing or future road and traffic project, or any project which interacts with road users, by which an independent, qualified examiner who reports on the projects crash potential and safety performance. The purpose of the Road Safety Audit is to examine the crash potential and safety performance of the road or road proposal. It is a formal process using a defined procedure rather than an informal check. The outcome of a road safety audit is a Road Safety Audit Report, which identifies any road safety deficiencies and if appropriate, makes recommendations aimed at removing or reducing these deficiencies. The whole basic process can be summed up in a few basic straight forward steps. • • • • The designer or client selects the audit team, The designer must then provide background information by collecting plans and site information for the auditor and provide a statement of the projects objectives. A commencement meeting is then be held with the client, designer and auditor all present to discuss the audit and hand over the information. The auditor then assesses the documents (use checklists, drawings, data and field notes) as well as inspect the site both by day and night. The types of road users and likely conditions must be considered as a result of the inspection. A report is written by the auditor to identify items of safety deficiency and to make recommendations. For major projects it is usually necessary for the client/designer plus the auditor to meet, in the form of a completion meeting, where the recommendations can be discussed. The client/designer then considers each recommendation, and documents reasons for accepting or rejecting each one. A copy of this report must be forwarded to the auditor for feedback. Elements of the project are then redesigned according to the recommendations.

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The Road Safety Action Plan is another term for describing the outcome of the Road Safety Audit. This will be specific to the project requirements.

The following items are generally audited in this process:-he 1. General items 1. Horizontal and Vertical Alignment 2. Turning Radii and Tapers 3. Sight and Stopping Distances 4. Traffic lane Safety and Visibility 5. Street Lighting and other Delineation 6. Roadworks Signs 7. Access to Property 2. Traffic Signs and Pavement Markings 1. Signs 2. Location/Placement 3. Day /Night Requirements 4. Control 5. Delineation and Reflective Markers 6. Pavement Marking 7. Detours 3. Traffic Signals 1. Temporary Traffic Signals 2. Location 3. Visibility 4. Signals Display 5. Traffic Movements 4. Pedestrians and Cyclists 1. Paths 2. Elderly and Disabled 3. Cyclists 4. Safe Grates 5. Warning 5. Road Pavement 1. Pavement Defects 2. Skid Resistance 3. Ponding 4. Loose Screenings 6. Traffic Speed Management 1. Speed Restriction Signs 2. Speed Management 3. Signs Requirements

The process of auditing the general items as indicated above is completed using checklists for different items. A sample checklist for the various items is indicated below, but it must be borne in mind that this will be modified to suit the project requirements.

Existing Roadworks (Stage 5) Location :_______________________________________________________ Date of On-Site Inspection : (Day) ___ /___ /___ (Night) ___ /___ / ___ Time : _______________________________ Weather : ___________________

Item 1 Horizontal And Vertical Alignment 2 Turning Radii and Tapers Are the tapers delineated by road works cones where necessary? Are the width of the lanes satisfactory for the traffic using the works area? Are the alignment of kerbs, traffic islands and medians satisfactory? 3 Sight and Stopping Distances 4 Traffic Lane Safety and Visibility Are bus stops appropriately located with adequate clearance...
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