Road Rage Speech

Topics: Driving, Road safety, Violence Pages: 4 (1271 words) Published: April 26, 2014
Road Rage

The sun is setting as you put your car in drive, pulling out into bumper to bumper traffic. As you sit with a pounding headache trying to decompress from just another day, praying there will be a break in traffic so you can get home. Juggling work, school, and family is hard, and just think, you get to do it all again tomorrow. The bottled up traffic is beginning to clear, if you could just pass the car in front of you, you’ll be home in no time. You turn your head and glance to the side before pulling out to pass the car in front. Looks like smooth sailing from this point, so you flip on your turn signal, merge into the other lane, and begin to accelerate. As you pass the other car, the other driver veers into your lane, smashing into your passenger door. As you look to your right you see the other driver screaming at you with a wild glare in his eyes; you put the pedal to the metal you take off, and he’s chasing you, welcome to road rage everyone.

Now the scenario above is a bit extreme, and chances are most of us will never experience this, but road range incidents have been on the rise for years. According to the American Automobile Association, they've been increasing by seven percent per year since 1990. "Yet this is only the small tip of a very large iceberg," says David K. Willis, President of the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety. "For every aggressive driving incident serious enough to result in a police report or newspaper article, there are hundreds or thousands more which never got reported to the authorities." The study performed by AAA showed that most incidents were trivial disagreements by ordinary citizens that led to an act of road violence. "People have been shot because they drove too slowly or played the radio too loud," Willis says. "But violent traffic disputes are rarely the result of a single incident. Rather, they seem to be the result of personal attitudes and the accumulation of stress in the motorist's...

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